21st International DAVO Congress of Contemporary Research on the Middle East

Cologne, 25 – 27 September 2014

The German Middle East Studies Association for Contemporary Research and Documentation (DAVO) is calling for papers for its 21st International Congress. The conference will be held at the University of Cologne, chaired by Professor Dr. Sabine Damir-Geilsdorf (Institute of Middle Eastern and Southeast Asian Studies) and supported by Annika Dähne M.A.. Amke Dietert, the General Secretary of the Congress, is responsible for the organizational tasks.
We welcome papers on all fields of contemporary Middle East studies and the impact of this region on other parts of the world. Middle East studies are understood to include disciplines relevant to the study of an area comprising all members of the League of Arab States, Afghanistan, Iran, Pakistan, Turkey, Israel and the Muslim states of the former USSR.


Pre-organized Panels and Individual Papers

Proposals for pre-organized panels and workshops on a common theme with at least three papers to be presented and chair are welcome. The coordinators of such pre-organized panels are also responsible for the quality of the papers and may reject papers with summaries of low quality.
Individual paper submissions will be grouped into panels. No more than two paper proposals are accepted. Papers will be held in English and German. Generally, 20 minutes will be allowed for each presentation and 10 minutes for discussion.
Every proposal for a paper has to be accompanied by an abstract of about 300 words. The decision about the acceptance or refusal of the proposed papers will be taken according to the quality of the abstract.


Summaries of Proposed Papers and Panels

Every summary of the proposed papers and panels will be reviewed by two scholars who accept or refuse the proposed contribution according to the following criteria:

  • Is the paper based on a clearly stated research question?
  • What is the methodological approach of this paper? Does it develop an argument, does it attempt to verify on hypothesis, or does it answer the research question on the basis of the author`s empirical findings or the results of a study based on other sources?
  • Does this paper take into account the latest state of research?
  • Does this paper contain innovative aspects?

The review of the proposed panels will take into account the academic quality and the coherence of the papers.
Please keep these academic standards in mind when you formulate the summary of your paper or pre-organized panel.


Call for Contributions to Pre-organized Panels

If you are interested in organizing a  panel for this Congress and look for paper presenters, you are kindly requested to send the title and summary (up to 100 words) to the General Secretary of the Congress, Amke Dietert before 7 April 2014.
The call for contributions to the pre-organized panels will then be forwarded to the members of DAVO who should send their paper proposals directly to the organizer of the specific panel before 2 June 2014.


Panels for the Presentation of Research Projects by Advanced Students and Post-graduates

Advanced students and post-graduates who are members of DAVO have the chance to present their current research projects for a MA-Thesis or a dissertation in special panels. The discussions are intended to provide additional ideas and concepts for the improvement of the current research work of young members of the German Middle East Studies Association.For further information contact Dr. Nadine Scharfenort (Center for Research on the Arab World, University of Mainz).

General Meeting of DAVO

The General Meeting of the members of DAVO is due to be held during the Congress on Thursday, 25 September 2014 at 11-13 h (Location: University of Cologne, Albertus-Magnus-Platz, Main Building (Hauptgebäude), Auditorium, Hörsaal XIb).



  • Deadline for the registration of papers including abstract of 300 words and panels (abstract of up to 100 words) before 16 June 2014.
  • Confirmation of the acceptance of proposed papers and panels until 19 July 2014.

Please use the attached forms for the registration of papers and panels, and also for the registration of your participation during the conference. The forms are also available at http://davo2014.de/en/anmeldung/)
The registration forms of all participants of this meeting should arrive at the organizers of the DAVO Congress together with the registration fees (Euro 65, reduced Euro 35, non-DAVO members Euro 85, reduced Euro 45) not later than 31 July 2014. After 1 August 2014 an additional fee for late registration of Euro 20 will be charged.
A list with hotels located near to the conference venue and accommodations with fees suitable for students will be placed on the DAVO website. You may also book your accommodation online via http://www.koelntourismus.de/hotels.html.
The final program of the congress will be available on the DAVO website after 1 September 2014. Travel information and details on the location of the DAVO Congress will also be shown on the website of this conference.

Conference Venue

Campus of the University, Seminarbuilding 106, Universitätsstrasse 37, 50931 Cologne, location map.

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